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Video - Enterprise Mobility Modernization

Our CTO - Gert Verheyen explains why Organi chooses for Progress. A choice that was made a long time ago, but Organi is happy to reconfirm his partnership.

Three main resaons why we have a long-term partnership with Progress:

  1. With Progress, Organi,can develop code through all the years without - through updates - having to start from scratch. The Progress technology helps Organi to build a full range of applications with an extented range of functionalities, which gives us an competitive edge.
  2. Progress enables ISVs to a very effcient and quickly reply to customer inquiries.
  3. Progress continues to innovate and invest in technology. Therefore, Organi does not get stucked in 'old' ERP solutions, but we now also offers web development / mobile apps and digital marketing applications.

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