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Verhelst Group carries building materials to Ostend with transport by water

We congratulate our customer with the use of innovative transport by water.

Water transport offers many advantages, including:

  • no more traffic jams;
  • the unloading of a ship is more efficient than the landing and marketing of 40 truck forward at different times of the day on the site;
  • reducing CO2 emissions.

The Verhelst Group shows again their leading role with regards to sustainability and a greener policy.

The case also illustrates a beautiful collaboration between three customers of Organi: Verhelst Group, Betonfabriek Coeck & Shipit.

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Verhelst Group's eight branches and a turnover of 100 million euros one of the largest building materials traders of West Flanders.

Today, a first shipment of construction materials, breeze blocks and concrete blocks, was good for unloaded weighing 1,230 tons on the dock of the company along the route Ghent-Bruges-Ostend.

"We considered this period a timing to start the pilot" said Stefaan Tavernier Group Verhelst. The barge 'Oorderdam' of the Antwerp business Shipit was loaded first at Coeck in Niel and then at Wienerberger in Rumst. "The ship has its own crane, so we needed to hire a crane. We resolve 100 pallets per hour and this easily takes 8 to 9 hours. Hiring a crane is a huge extra cost, "says Verhelst.

Some of the materials are intended for work on the new grandstand of the football stadium KV Oostende.


The 1,020 pallets represent 40 truck trips that could be avoided by transport by water. "The aim is to provide on an annual basis to 20,000 pallets with transport by water. We see the potential suppliers as Knauf, Eternit, Keramo, but also cement factories, all of which have water-related infrastructure or are nearby," said Tavernier.

The company also wants to open a site in Ghent with its own quay. "From there we can supply in East and West Flanders by water".

Cost price

"There is a third measure of the Flemish government to support this type of transport. It shall apply for five years, which shall be granted during the first three years of subsidies and the last two years are considered perpetuation years. The pallet transport by water is profitable on the condition that there are good back loads. In the coming months we are trying to reach an agreement with other parties. We already have several contacts, "concludes Tavernier.

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