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Reuse signs up for financial efficiency

Reuse recently decided to optimise its accounting system with ORAS III, the Organi financial package.

Over the past 50 years, Reuse NV acquired extensive expertise in international logistics, trading, transport and customs. As a member of the French Logistics Group Balguerie, Reuse has enjoyed considerable growth these past few years. While the focus on food exports remains, also the import business has enjoyed considerable success of late and, with a greater emphasis on the development of the African market, the company has set its first steps in trading via its subsidiary Reuse Trading. To support this growth, Reuse needed an efficient and user-friendly accounting package so as to simplify its administration and boost its efficiency.


ORAS III reduces manual tasks to a minimum and ensures that all the relevant accounting operations can be performed swiftly and efficiently. Both receivables follow-up and the payment of invoices can be executed semi-automatically.

Standard functionalities that can considerably simplify the general accounting system and related administrative processes among other matters include the central management of customer and supplier data, the automatic processing of bank statements via CODA files, the follow-up of debtors via reminder management, the management of fixed assets and integrated depreciations, the automatic generation of recurrent reports and the periodic printing of (commercial) reports.

Integration with the existing back office

It goes without saying that there are numerous links between the operational business processes and financial management. On that account, Organi puts great store by interoperability, which means that the accounting software must be easy to integrate with any ERP package the company uses. By integrating ORAS III with Reuse's back-office system, the logistical information - for one, issued invoices - flows seamlessly into the financial accounts.

DIS (Digital Information System)

Furthermore, the fully integrated digital information system will allow users to save all incoming and outgoing documents (printer, fax, email). The data can be consulted by means of an advanced search functionality and are always available in real time.

Thanks to this link with the DIS module, the documents (with link within the application) are accessible to everyone in the company while the data need to be stored in one location only.

The application was developed with state-of-the art technology from Progress.

Implementation has been scheduled for October of this year.

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