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Power Tools Distribution grows and automates with OLS Customs

OLS Customs and Intelligent Stock Allocation

After a tender process, PTD ultimately went for OLS Customs from Organi, a system that automates PLDA and NCTS declarations. OLS Customs was implemented in phases, beginning with the customs declarations for PLDA and NCTS. Organi then developed a customised ‘Intelligent Stock Allocation’ module specifically for PTD. Intelligent Stock Allocation optimises stock from a tax point of view. Depending on the destination of the goods, the module automatically selects the most beneficial stock lines so that as little import duty and VAT has to be paid. If the goods are destined for the EU, “free” stock (i.e. stock on which import duty has already been paid) is selected first. But if the destination is outside the EU, the system selects the bonded stock with the highest customs value first (i.e. stock for which no import duty has yet been paid). As a result, the Intelligent Stock Allocation module provides PTD with a significant financial benefit.

The application is based on OpenEdge. Thanks to the stability of the database provided by Organi partner, Progress, virtually no human intervention is required. Progress is a leading provider of development and database technology. By opting for Progress, Organi went deliberately for strategic, forward-looking state-of-the-art solutions.

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