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Pieter Vandenbulcke appointed as Managing Director of Organi

After 30 years there is a new wind blowing through Organization (Wilrijk). Geert Grauwet, who took over the company in 1985, issued on January 1, the torch to Pieter Vandenbulcke. Peter has been working since September 2000 at Organi, and was previously Sales & Marketing Manager of the company. Since 2007 he is part of the management and is co-shareholder of Organi since 2008.

The brand new Managing Director takes the daily management of the company so that Geert Grauwet, who will remain CEO of the company, can focus on the expansion of the strategy, financial and personnel management.

With this appointment, Organi invests further in continuity and growth. The customer-centric vison is held in order to meet the challenges specific to the different market segments. Peter is determined to continue profiling Organi as a stable and innovative partner. "In addition to continued efforts with existing customers, we are strongly committed to new initiatives for companies that do not know us, to strengthen our market position," says Pieter Vandenbulcke.

Fully invest in 2016

Organi will also bring growth figures back in 2016. As part of this growth strategy has invested heavily over the past year in technology, people and infrastructure. Together with its partners and customers Organization has defined a clear roadmap for its ERP software and services so that the business processes in its 4 core business segments (bailiff firms, accounting firms, trading companies and logistics service providers) remain well supported.

Strengths of Organi are the practical knowledge, excellent service and long-term reliability. There will in the coming months and years, then go extra attention to uniformity between the different ERP solutions (both organizational and technological) and an extension of customer service & support to the business units. The recent acquisition of Telerik by Progress, mobile applications and an enhanced user experience (UX) play a central role within the framework of the growth strategy.

Phased transition

The change at the top of the company is part of a phased transfer of all responsibilities over the next few years ..
Pieter is in his role as Managing Director responsible for the daily management (commercial and operational) of the company.
Geert Grauwet remains until 2018 CEO of the company and will be in different phases also transfer the strategic direction, financial management and personnel management to
Organi now represents 76 people and has a turnover of more than EUR 8 million.

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