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Organi supports growth strategy of Accounting firm De Graef-Linsen & Co

De Graef-Linsen has been a customer of Organi from the very first day. A great opportunity to put our customer relationship in the spotlight. We had a conversation with Heidi Greif, Managing Director of De Graef-Linsen and An Pultinckx, IT manager of De Graef, Linsen & Co.

Historically grown trust

De Graef-Linsen is a very special customer of Organi.

Even before the establishment of Organi (in 1977), De Greaf-Linsen already worked with the current CEO of the company. Thanks to the strong relationship, the office moved along with the establishment of Organi.

"The success of the cooperation is based on a real win-win situation. The experience of our firm has created with the development of the accounting package. Alternatively De Graef-Linsen can rely on the expert technical knowledge, experience and flexibility of Organi," says Heidi Greif. Thanks to years of cooperation, ORAS III has become a very complete Finance & Accounting package.

ORAS III as the engine of the company

"The application includes all the standard functionalities for a semi-automatic processing of accounting for our customers as well as additional tools for managing our own office, including the invoicing module, the digital archive ...." Grief explains. "I have previously worked with many other financial packages, but I can say that ORAS is the most extented package including all features that our company needs. Moreover, the application is very userfriendly, our employees doesn't need to navigate endlessly between different screens, and they complete their transactions with a limited number of mouse clicks.

The underlying Progress® OpenEdge® platform provides a high performance and very stable application.

Growth strategy

The market in which the Graef-Linsen & Co. operates is constantly changing and requires a dynamic vision. To evolve with the needs of the "office of the future" and to optimize the communication with customers,we have some challenging projects in the pipeline, including the implementation of the OCR scanning module and the launch of the Organi customer portal.

"However here is currently no active demand from our customers, we realize that we have to move on," Greif continues. "In line with all the strategic choices we make, we have thoroughly examined the solution of Organi and we even compared their solution with similar packages from other parties. But one again, we believe that Organi can offer the right solution according our needs."

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