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Denayer reconfirms its faith in Organi

Denayer NV, which used to work with the AnsWARE application, recently decided to implement the Organi ERP system to support the continuous growth of the past few years. The new ERP system will among other matters be used for accounting, administration, procurement and sales, logistics (stock management), planning and digital archiving.

Denayer NV is a family-owned company that distributes building materials to both professional and private customers. The company offers an extensive range of building specialities ranging from structural materials, floor and wall tiles and natural stone to driveway, garden and terrace materials and even has its own concrete plant.

This company based in Halle has a 1400m2 store to accommodate its extensive range of stock products. At that, the company opened its Werfwinkel, a shop for private customers selling tools and a basic assortment of building materials, in Pepingen in 2012.

To support its continuous growth, the company went in search of a suitable ERP system to properly manage the business processes of the various stores and subsidiaries. The extensive possibilities of the ORDAS (Organi Administration and Distribution System) all-in-one solution is what ultimately made the company join forces with Organi.

Denayer NV can also bank on the expertise Organi gained automating business processes in the building materials sector. References such as Verhelst, Wijckmans, Kerkstoel, Coeck, André Celis, SVK, Salco, Verellen … are only a handful of the names that are testimony to Organi's experience in the sector.

By opting for Organi, the company takes another step forward towards the organisation's growth and development.

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