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DEJOND signed up for the ERP system by Organi

DEJOND operates within four different areas: the distribution of non-ferrous metals, architecture and construction systems, mounting systems and the production and sales of Tubtara® blind rivet nuts. Diverse as these activities may be, the four divisions within DEJOND operate on the basis of one and the same corporate philosophy which puts customer needs, quality, reliability and flexibility centre stage. The company employs about 90 people.

The DEJOND board has every right to be proud of the company's technology but the mountain of formalities the company has to contend with every day has become nothing short of problematic. “These days we are spending more time on administration that on our own production”, the board explains. What's more, our current ERP system no longer meets the needs and complexity of the company, where the various divisions must be able to collaborate optimally and efficiently. The hiatuses in the current system cost us quite a bit of valuable time and lead to inefficiency.

The ERP system, which was entirely developed in-house, needs to be replaced with one single ERP system that can support all of the company's business.

Joost Romanus, Project Manager at DEJOND, has set the bar high for Organi's new ERP system. “The new system must streamline & optimise all the key processes within the company: from procurement and sales, to an enhanced production & product lifecycle management, the accounting system and our customer service.”

This is why DEJOND opted for ORDAS (Organi Distribution and Administration System), a fully integrated system that offers the company complete control over customer orders, an integrated CRM application, access to a digital archive, a separate customer management module, a graphic planning tool, a production module and a tool to manage the company's own assets, not to mention complete integration with the Microsoft Office products.

Via the mobile app, all financial and operational data of customers and suppliers can be consulted and visit reports can be managed online.

In addition, DEJOND also opted for ORAS, the Organi accounting and financial application, which is fully compatible with ORDAS.

The applications were developed with state-of-the art technology from Progress.

The solutions Organi proposed have been designed in such a way that they are compatible with the Microsoft Windows platform. All the applications can be used with virtual servers, which are either or not set up in a redundant (failover) configuration.

Implementation has been scheduled for early 2016.

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