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CROS and electronic invoicing with government

For our Tagor III solution for Bailiffs, 2 new modules will be released soon.


SAM-TES recently informed us about the new application Cros (central registry for the recovery of uncontested debts). This will be introduced June 22 or 23 and the web application will be available around the same period.

They also told us that the web application will be available from that date.

We have got a 8/6 first technical description of the possible electronic exchange of data with this platform. They have invited us on 16 and 17/6 for the electronic exchange and the web application further illustrate.

We recommend everyone to attend the information session of SAM-TES. You can register for the session via this link.

Organi will do the utmost to provide an application in TAGOR III for electronic exchange as soon as possible.

Electronic invoicing with government

The federal government informed us that as from 01.01.2017 only electronic invoices will be accepted. Most of you already make invoices for prosecutors, RSZ, Vlabel or other authorities and therefore this will have implications for you as well.

The government will provide a web application for the submission of such invoices through which invoices can be entered manually. However, they will also provide an application for electronic invoicing.

You'll find more information about electronic invoicing via this link.

Again, organi will do her utmost to provide an add-on in TAGOR III for e-invoicing with the government.

How to register for both modules?

We kindly ask to inform us by email if you want to register for these modules. You can send us an e-mail indicating whether you are interested in the CROS module and / or in the electronic invoicing module.

We will keep you informed about the timings of the new modules.

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