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Business-wide solution: interview with Pieter Vandenbulcke and Kristof Poulain

One of the oldest Belgian software companies has a fully integrated solution for all logistics companies. That years of experience brings confidence, but at the same time Organi ensures that it can also offer the latest technological innovations: mobile and web solutions and cloud.

"Logistics is one of the four sectors for which we have worked out solutions. Each time we provide an ERP system, a basic platform that can manage the most important processes. " thus Pieter Vandenbulcke, managing director at Organi. "In addition, additional applications can be added to fill in specific functions. For example, we have OLS - Organi Logistic System - as an ERP solution. This is used by companies such as Southern Nation, Durot, Trans-Continental Logistics and many other references. Those customers also use OLS Customs, the Customs Administration software. However, Organi also has various customers who do not choose the OLS Suite, but only for OLS Customs, such as Kühne + Nagel, DB Schenker, Alpro and Atlas Copco Airpower. Organi then integrates seamlessly with the existing ERP system, which in many cases SAP. "

In this way, Organi offers a broad range of companies to logistical activities: logistics service providers, terminal operators, forwarders, nations, customs agents and shippers. In addition to its own financial solution, OLS offers another solution for expedition, inventory management, customs, container logistics, billing and custom reporting.

P. Vandenbulcke: "However, additional modules were added over time. One of our other sectors are the bailiffs. For them, we designed a central digital file many years ago, making all incoming and outgoing correspondence centrally available. That proved to be interesting for other companies from totally different sectors. This application was also incorporated into OLS by default. It's just one example of the lever we create through the synergy we've set up between our 4 ERP solutions. "

New Trends

"The danger of a company with forty years of experience - Organi was founded in 1977, around the same time as Apple ('76) and Microsoft ('75) - is that it stops developing. In that trap we have not been trapped. We know very well what our customers now expect from us: mobile applications, BI solutions, web applications, and so on. For example, for our distribution customers we offer a warehouse management system (WMS) including the possibility of voice picking," says Pieter Vandenbulcke.

The most important trend for Organi is the advent of web and mobile applications. Many customers ask for it and the company can also offer it. P. Vandenbulcke: "We believe that software works best in a hybrid environment. There are certainly situations where some clicks on a smartphone must be sufficient. For example, some customers need to declare damage or show a particular action (e.g., container stuffing) with a picture. For such actions, we've designed apps that allow them to take that picture with the smartphone and instantly add it to the digital file or forward it to the people involved. Logistics is also increasingly exchanging messages or information via web portals, such as tracking and tracing of shipments and goods, as well as for stock monitoring. But other applications are much too stressful for the internet and could better run on a server at the office. At the same time, we ensure that all data and documents can be accessed and consulted through the cloud."

Organi is not completely involved with international players such as SAP or Microsoft in their cloud first strategy. "We work primarily for the Flemish market, and with our customers we do not see that question. Our customers are not ready to put everything in the cloud. But we make sure that we are prepared by the moment the question is. We know that such a thing can sometimes be very fast."

Hardware & Services

Kristof Poulain is the business unit manager for OLS. "With Organi, we not only provide a wide range of software applications for logistics, but if the customer so wants, we also provide the IT infrastructure. In addition, customers can count on us if there are any problems. We are available every day from 6 to 22 hours. On weekends and public holidays, we also provide a permanent opportunity to help customers with an emergency. We have customers at Brucargo or in the ports that continue to work. Often they provide a specific service to their customers and can not afford an IT breakdown. For those cases we organize permanence."

Organi thus actively offers broad functionality, but at the same time focused on its core business, namely the development of business logic. For other functions, Organi has set up an ecosystem: Pure Solutions (Kortrijk) works on business intelligence solutions, Multimedia (Hoogstraten) specializes in websites and webshops, Crossroad Communication (Sint-Truiden) provides communication with Customs and BGO Works (Bulgarian company) with the mobile applications. Meanwhile Organi also has a first reseller for her own financial software, namely B-Inside from Waregem. P. Vandenbulcke: "Through this intensive collaboration we can significantly reduce the lead time of innovative projects and also keep costs under control."

Development with Progress

Organi has a long relationship with Progress: All its applications run on a Progress database and have been developed with Progress technology. "In recent years, Progress has focused very much on innovative technology and converts its indirect channel through independent software companies like ours. For example, Progress has taken over the Bulgarian Telerik, a specialist in UIs for all possible platforms and that's a shot in the rose. They are now also working on 'cognitive apps' and 'machine learning'."

Source: Valuechain

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