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BSA audits regarding software licenses

last week, several customers contacted us about letters they received from 'BSA, The Software Alliance with regards to announced control actions. BSA is an organization that defends the intellectual property rights of software producers and software piracy, the unauthorized copying or distribution of copyrighted software.

These letters are part of a broad campaign currently being conducted by BSA. This so-called "Fact or Fiction" action BSA wants to raise the awareness among companies about the better management and monitoring of software and licenses.

Did you also received a letter from BSA?

Did you receive a BSA letter asking to fill in an online statement on the use of software within your company? We strongly recommend to do so.

Learn how best to proceed via this link.

In case you don't have time or resources available to do an internal screening, you can rely on Organi for the internal audit. We have specific assessment tools to identify the necessary licenses.

You can contact us via for more information on this service.

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