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Benefits of a digital archive

Your organization receives daily information in different ways and places by mail, fax or electronically. They all contain crucial information that should be available in your ERP system. This will cost you a lot of paper, time, resources and money. Have you ever thought of document automation?

The Digital Information System (DIS) Organi offers a user-friendly solution to digitize and centralize the entire document.

DIS in a nutshell

  • Archiving of all types of documents, such as quotations, order confirmations, delivery notes, purhase and sales invoices, price quotations, ordering and removal orders, certificates, ...
  • Documents at any time consulted for the powers of the organization.
  • Automatic link between related documents (for example, from quote to invoice).
  • Store incoming mails and attachments (Outlook integration).
  • Extensive search methods.

5 advantages of a digital archive

  • You no longer need to keep a paper archive.
  • You'll never have to search for documents, e-mails ....
  • You'll improbe better cooperation.
  • You have / give secure access to confidential information.
  • You can respond more quickly to questions from customers and suppliers.

Extra opportunities

  • Through the mobile app also colleagues on the road have 24/7 access to the digital archive.
  • With a small extension documents can also be made available to third parties through appropriate user profiles (document portal).

If you are interested in this solution, please contact us.

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