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40 years' IT... Looking back on a full and rewarding career

Geert Grauwet 40 years active in the IT sector

On 1 October 2015, Geert Grauwet, CEO of Organi, had been involved in the IT business for 40 years. An ideal opportunity to look back on a full and rewarding career.

Grauwet’s career at Organi began 3 decades ago. Ever since then, Organi has always been able to successfully adapt to the ever-changing market conditions.

Geert Grauwet is a typical entrepreneur who keeps both feet firmly on the ground which is what allowed him to build a particularly nice career for himself.

A brief review of a lengthy period of 40 years' IT…

How it all began...

Grauwet (62 years of age), married and father of three children, graduated as a Business Engineer in Management Information Systems from the University of Leuven in 1975.

He began his career as a 'residential representative' with one of the largest computer manufacturers, i.e. Burroughs in Kortrijk. There he was responsible for prospecting, sales, installation, programming and training. The school par excellence for his further career, as it turns out...

In November 1977, he was promoted to Sales Director of the Antwerp subsidiary.

In 1978, he was promoted to Agency Director and was in charge of the entire agency, including the local technical department. By then, he had expanded his team to 27 people.

Between the start of his professional career in 1975 and 1985, Grauwet had a few nice achievements to his name already. During the first 10 years of his career he was nominated ‘best branch manager’ of Belgium 4 times and ‘best branch manager’ in Europe twice.

During that period he also went in search of third parties who could supply software on a contract basis. This is how he ended up at Organi…

Spectacular growth

In 1985, Grauwet joined Organi. As pioneer in the sector, he was one of the first to offer his clients an all-in-one solution (hardware and software). When moving from Burroughs to Organi, he was able to convince 90% of hardware clients to move with him to Organi, which represented a considerable added value for the company. Ten years later - in 1995 – he took over the Burroughs technical department.

In the space of 10 years, Grauwet was able to increase the turnover from 240K euro to 3 million euro and to expand the company's workforce from 8 to 27 employees.

Growth strategy

Up and until 1995, Organi offered its services to companies in any sector.

In 1995, Organi decided on a different course and to focus on four market segments, notably bailiffs, accounting firms, commercial companies and logistics service providers. These 4 pillars continue to be the company's target groups to this very day.

In that same year, the company entered into a strategic partnership with its development partner Progress.

Ever since then, the company consistently grew into what it is today: a financially sound, autonomous IT company, manned by an enthusiastic team of 75 staff and generating a turnover of 8 million euro….

“Also thanks to our development partner Progress, our processes and applications are becoming ever more professional. The changing business models and needs with a strong focus on mobile and web applications also present us with new challenges.”

Organi still specialises in offering all-in-one solutions (software, hardware and services) for small, medium-sized and large companies.

Future prospects

“We aim to be the best service provider in our sector. Our hundreds of happy clients whose numbers keep increasing and who keep coming back are testimony to the fact that we are rather good at what we do”, says Grauwet. “Organi also continuously recruits new, highly qualified staff. One essential requirement is that these candidates are motivated to the extreme and are passionate about IT. They must excel, just like the services we offer”, continues Grauwet.

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